Terms and Conditions


Roving Vouchers are only valid in the same calendar year they were purchased (except when buying vouchers specifically for the following year). No refunds or exchanges can be made should you be left with unused vouchers at the end of the year, except in exceptional circumstances when the angler is not able to take up the fishing due to an error or action by the fishery owner or by SRT (either personnel or website).
Roving Vouchers are sold in books of 5 or 10. They are not sold individually.

You must post the required number of vouchers in the box (as described on each page) BEFORE FISHING. If an angler is found fishing without having posted vouchers, or having posted insufficient vouchers, he/she will be asked to leave the water. Once you have posted your vouchers you may fish that beat as many times as you want that day. If you want to fish a different beat in the same day, you will need to post further vouchers appropriate to the new beat.
Rod sharing is not permitted on Roving Voucher beats. Every angler present must have posted the required amount of vouchers.
It is a condition of use that all anglers must post a catch return after fishing, even if no fish have been caught.
Every angler fishing water within the Passport must have a current Environment Agency (EA) rod licence, be aware of and abide by the EA’s byelaws.
Anglers must be aware of individual beat rules and EA byelaws before fishing and must abide by them at all times.

No dogs are permitted on any Roving Voucher Beat.
All beats are catch and release and NO fish may be taken.

The Severn Rivers Trust  reserves the right to exclude from the Passport scheme any angler found to be in breach of any of the above terms and conditions for an indefinite period.

All anglers must be aware of and abide by bio security measures, especially those regarding Gyrodactylus salaris.
Please follow The Countryside Code

While the Severn Rivers Trust endeavors to ensure that the information provided both on the website  is accurate, we cannot be held liable for any errors or discrepancies that occur.  As with any fishing, there are risks involved. While we endeavor to highlight any such risks, the Trust cannot be held liable for any accidents, personal injury or damage to property.