Angling Clubs

There are many angling clubs and associations with river fisheries in the Severn catchment.


These clubs not only offer first rate fishing for members, some also offer day tickets.

Angling clubs represent the backbone of the river conservation movement. Members often give up a great deal of their free time to maintain and improve the parts of the river they manage. The Severn Rivers Trust works closely with many clubs who are supporters of the SRT on conservation projects which protect and improve our rivers, not only for the angler but for the benefit of all.

These supporting clubs are listed here with links to their web sites where you will find more details on what they offer in the catchment.

The Barbel Society

Has members only coarse fishing on the Teme and the Warwickshire Avon

Birmingham Anglers Association

Coarse and game fishing on the Severn, Teme, Avon, and many others. Membership and day tickets

Gloucester Angling Club

The Club currently holds the rights to over 5 miles of fishing on the River Leadon, a small tributary of the Severn. Coarse and game angling for members
Kinver Freeliners Angling Club

Kinver Freeliners AC prides itself on having a series of quality venues for its members to fish. Challenging venues where it’s the thinking angler who catches the most fish. If you want to fish quiet unpressured waters where it is a pleasure to just be there, you’ve come to the right place.
Members only and day ticket waters on the Severn, the Teme and the Warks Avon
Pheasant Tail Fly Fishers

Game fishing on the Clun, Lugg and others in Shropshire and Herefordshire


Shropshire Anglers Federation

Has game and coarse fishing for members and day tickets on the Severn, Rea Brook and others


St. John’s Angling Society

Coarse and game fishing for members who live in Worcester on the Teme, Severn and other rivers.


White Swan Piscatorials

Coarse and game fishing for members on Severn, Teme, Avon, Rea and others in the catchment


 Clubs, individuals and other organisations can all become SRT supporters through PayPal